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Brookview Tennis/Pickleball Courts Open

The Brookview Tennis/Pickleball Courts have opened for the season! The courts are located on the north side of the Brookview Community Centre at 280 Bulyea Road. 

Brookview Community League members are invited to come out and enjoy the resurfaced courts (both tennis and pickleball court lines are available).  To obtain the code to enter the Northwest gate of the courts, please email tennis@brookviewcommunityleague.ca.

Brookview Tennis/Pickleball Courts
General Rules of Use

  • To use the courts, Brookview residents must have a current Brookview Community League (BCL) membershipCommunity League Members who reside outside of Brookview may purchase an Associate membership with BCL providing that they are current members of their home league. Information on how to purchase these memberships can be found at www.brookviewcommunityleague.ca/memberships
  • To obtain the code to enter the Northwest gate of the courts, please email tennis@brookviewcommunityleague.ca
  • The portable pickleball nets are in a storage deck box beside Court 1 (combo tennis/pickleball court). The combination for the deck box is the same as the gate code to enter the courts. Please disassemble the nets after use, return them to the deck box, and lock.
  • The tennis, practice backboard and pickleball courts are available on a first come, first serve basis at times when programming or lessons are not in progress. Please observe Brookview Tennis Court programming/lesson times and dates listed on the Programs & Sports page under the ‘Learn to Play Tennis’ tab. 
  • The use of the courts for conducting private lessons without prior arrangements to reserve and rent through BCL is strictly prohibited and subject to loss of membership privileges.
  • Tennis players please be courteous to pickleball players and move to Court 2 (court dedicated to tennis) when it is free. If both courts are in use or Court 2 is not playable due to standing water, we ask pickleball players to please wait their turn for Court 1 to become available.
  • Please be courteous to other players and limit your play to 1 hour if others are waiting.
  • Wear only soft-soled, non-marking shoes on the courts.
  • No bicycles, skateboards, roller blades, hockey sticks, food or glass are allowed.
  • Please keep our courts clean. Deposit all garbage including empty tennis ball canisters and lids in the garbage can by the Northwest entrance gate.
  • Courts must be locked if you are the last to leave. To lock, spin combination to random number and click lock into place.

Please help secure the courts and maintain access privileges by reporting the following to tennis@brookviewcommunityleague.ca:
Incidents of the gate being left unlocked with empty courts, any damage to the nets or gate, and any other misuse or abuse.

Thank you for your cooperation!

For more tennis court updates and information on how to play Pickleball, please visit our Programs & Sports page and click on the tab “Tennis/Pickleball Courts“.