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Community Engagement Works!

Thank you to everyone who wrote letters, called, and got otherwise engaged with discussions on the proposed changes to 40th/Bulyea and Terwillegar Drive access. It was so positive to see our community come together for this very important topic.

Traffic is just one of many initiatives that impact our community, and we need your help! Our Community League is small and there are a number of areas that need our community input to ensure Brookview remains vibrant and a great neighbourhood. You don’t need to do much but if there is an area of interest, we would love to hear from you. Some of the upcoming projects we could use some help with are:

  1. Green Space around George H. Luck – we are currently in discussions with the City regarding the green space plan, funding and timing.
  2. Spray Park development – to be located next to the playground, this will be in development soon.
  3. Rink re-development.
  4. Annual Movie Night planning in May – Aug.

If you are interested in any of these areas, would like to be part of our team, or have ideas of your own, please contact president@brookviewcommunityleague.ca or vicepresident@brookviewcommunityleague.ca